Entry #1

Made it to the Indiegogo Front Page!!

2014-04-09 19:19:27 by BaruchFilms

The indiegogo campaign for my first feature film, Princess in Another Castle, has almost reached its goal! We made it to the Final Countdown section of the front page, and if we get a bit more traffic we could be one of the main featured projects!!

Please help me out by clicking or sharing this link! This movie is going to be a full-length adaptation of my hit Zelda short film, ESCAPE, which won a couple festival awards and got a pretty good reception (100k views) on the YouTube. PIAC is also going to feature animation (by me), and you can check out some of my 'toons here on good ol' Newgrounds!



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2014-04-09 20:28:50

I'll say it now i can't help with money but, i'll try to help out in spreading the link !